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The Paperback Lion is our new discount fiction store located just across the street from the antiquarian shop.  With sprawling rooms stuffed floor to ceiling (and then some) with zillions of books, there is a bargain read for everyone within the stacks.

Most paperbacks are 1/2 off the original cover price; hardbacks are all $3.99 each or less.  We have clearance sales frequently at this location, and are constantly adding new stock to the shelves (and floors).

Running out of room in your own reading corner?  Bring your gently used books in and receive credit good toward up to half of your purchase total at the paperback shop.   For specifics on our trade-in policy and what kind of books we will accept for credit, please visit the shop or email for details.

Readers, rejoice!

We are currently giving double credit for: all Regency Romances, Paranormal Romances, Mysteries, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy!