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...and sorry, no; before you ask:  the Shepherdess' pink scooter is not for sale.

How much is my book worth?  Due to time constraints, we do not currently offer official appraisals; however, we will gladly recommend a colleague appropriate for your particular book or library.  Please note that such professional services usually start in the $75-$125 range due to the appraiser's large researching investment.  If you are simply interested in learning more about your book, we will be happy to offer our assessment.  For informal valuations, we provide "shooting from the hip" estimates based on our retail experience and market trends.  Please note:  This service is on an "as-available" schedule; we will only give assesments with prior appointment. We also reserve the right to charge for our services on a case-by-case basis; we will notify you of any charges for your particular needs prior to rendering our services.

Will you hold a book for me when it comes into your shop?  If you place a request through our online catalogue, an automatic email will be sent to you when we have a copy of your book.  You then will be given the option of purchasing it.  Sorry; we cannot do special orders at this time; this may change in the future.

What about a copy you already show as having in your shop?  By all means, email us a book request should you wish us to hold an available title.  If it has not already sold, it's yours!

Are you hiring?  Not at this time, but we always accept applications.